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Backstage Intro: Meet James!







Our Community Rock Stars can submit blog posts to be published on the Spotify Community Blog. To find out more about the Rock Star Program click here. 


Hey there, @Jim (Moderator)! Tell us something about yourself.

I work as a Social Media/Content Associate at Spotify and also pop in the community now and again. I’m a big gamer, so when not at work you can usually find me with a PlayStation controller in hand, losing myself in a virtual world and writing up about my experiences on a couple of sites. I’m quite a fan of nerd/pop culture as well and enjoy reading Comic books, playing board games and just connecting with the various communities.large.jpg


So, what kind of music are you into?

Wow, that’s a tough one, as my music taste likes to compliment my mood. Although, if I have to describe myself - I’m quite a Metal head at heart, and have grown up on a diet of hard/heavy Rock music!

It has evolved over the years into various tastes around the genre from Symphonic, Southern, Djent and even to the old school Nu Metal and Rock of the 90’s/00’s, anything with a good heavy beat and groove and I'm all ears. I also listen to a lot of varying genres from Country, Folk, EDM, Hip Hop, Pop and even a bit of Classical music from time to time.

I think it’s very important to open your tastes as wide as you feel comfortable with, you’ll be surprised as to what you can find.


How important is music in your life?

Music has been a massive influence on my life thus far. I’ve performed in many bands while growing up and have made so many friends and memories through the different scenes. I find it hard not to have something playing in the background.

With such division around the world and indeed on the internet, it’s nice to know that music can help to bring people together, and I want to be part of that change.


What song/piece of music never fails to get you pumped?

Ha! I’ve got quite a few, mainly because they bring such memories. One of my favorite pieces of music that come to mind is the "Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Liberty Theme" by Harry Gregson-Williams. This track brings back a lot of great throwbacks and has a lovely hook to it. Always puts me in a great mood and helps me to pick myself up no matter what the task.


Name 5 songs you can quote and have people instantly recognize it!

Did I tell you that I can recite Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory in its entirety? Impressive, no? 😉


Thanks for taking your time to chat with us. Before we go, what joke always makes you laugh?

I’m a massive fan of standup comedy, and can honestly say one of my favorite comedians at the moment is Tim Vine. I can’t take credit for this, but I always appreciate a good pun…

“So I went to the record shop and I said, "What have you got by The Doors?" He said: "A bucket of sand and a fire blanket!" 




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