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Music Monday

#MusicMonday Review - May 2021


#MusicMonday is the hashtag I've been using for quite a while to share music recommendations from up-and-coming artists. Always fresh, and always different, trying to look for trends before they become one. You can check April's review for more music.


Uplifting songs populate most of this month's selection. From a wide array of music genres, and locations, let's have a listen, with a word from the artists themselves. 🎧


KASED - Túnel


Ya todo puede ser mejor

Ahora veo todo inspirador

Este lugar me transformo

Hoy ya recuerdo mi razón

Y es más profunda que mi intuición

De este lugar voy a escapar


Starting point: Guadalajara, Mexico. Even though the track begins calmly to set up the mood, it quickly picks up to become a full fledged Rock song:

"We were determined that we wanted to express that feeling of not moving forward in our life, because we did not find our purpose, and feeling locked in a tunnel is the perfect analogy, since progress is not obvious either.


Sonically we wanted to be contrasting, and that it did not feel a depressing song, rather relatively happy."




Caoilfhionn Rose - Flourish

caoilfhionn.jpgSo much to envisage
So much to understand
If it’s too complicated
If it didn’t go to plan


Let it flow away
Let it turn around and flourish
Let it slip away
‘Till it can grow a little more


Talking about moving forward, this track from Manchester, UK. artist Caoilfhionn Rose (pronounced Keelin) keeps it going with its cryptic folky vibe:


"It started out as a very different and quiet acoustic guitar song. I wrote it a while ago now, it’s hard to remember what specifically inspired the song but it’s about feeling hopeful and letting things just unfold."




La Moros - así es mi gente
lamoros.jpgLlenate de amor
Pierde tus temores
Sal a caminar
Ven respira vida
Recargate del viento
Sana las heridas

From Cucuta, Colombia, inspiring music comes in pure Latin Pop style:


"Así es mi gente was created from my will to build a better inner world, from the recognition of the importance of walking to the best version of what I am as a human, from breathing freedom, from explore my senses and elevate my heart, from being able to fill the shadows of light. Alchemy to transform darkness into light."




Athena Andreadis - Broken Friend



I lost my faith

Up that mountain, played it safe

then I lost my name

my face, my pride meant nothing

we all looked the same

it's when I started to descend

I found that joyful broken friend

you called love.


From London, England, another inspiring song with a dreamy atmosphere, benefiting from the use of strings to highlight the vocals:


"It was inspired by Leonard Cohen and his journey as a monk; I imagine what it must have been like for him to come down the mountain and join the “world” again after 10 years of meditating on Mt Boldy. What did he think? What mattered most?"




The Sway - Sunshine Seeker


We are the sunshine seekers,

We only live to see.
All you need is up your sleeve

All you believe is the thing of dreams

And that's fine


Traveling is believed to be an uplifting experience. If that's the case, we travel to Liverpool for a cool Indie Rock song to show us the way:


"Just the idea of escaping mate but not forgetting what made you who u are you've got to leave to come home."




We Demand Parachutes - 151


wdp.jpgThey’re strewn across
My things in the yard
She’s a summer girl
Coke and 151


I’m tangled up
I don’t want to be a part of it
We need to talk
Can we meet up and get ahead of this


Crossing the ocean, from Boston, MA, this Pop Punk influenced track brings the uplifting mood to reflect on past relationships:


"151 is definitely an ode to all of the girlfriends we have all individually had in the past that just were not a good fit! The story collects a couple of different anecdotes from all of us actually! We think we everyone has been in that relationship that has just been bad news! However we do look fondly back on our summer girls!


The track came to be musically actually really fast. I (Kevin) had just gotten home from a deployment with the army and we had a week of rehearsals locked up to write and figure out some current projects as a group. A day before the rehearsal I wrote the main hook and sent it to the guys and they loved it! We got to work right away and actually finished writing the track and then tracked the whole thing all in about two days! We recorded all the drums and guitars in my spare bedroom in my house!"




Highline - Staying Sane




You take comfort in the thought

that I've got you

Cause I always do


Sydney, Australia is the home of this Indie Rock track about not letting go, even if you need to:


"Staying Sane came about after a relationship of Sams fell apart. It’s about still caring for that person despite no longer being together, and identifying that you actually just need to put yourself first."




R. Missing - Crimeless (The KVB Remix)



After you told me
I came every Sunday
After you showed me
I came every day


I don't miss your kind
Don't miss your kindness
It was worse when we were crimeless


Already a great New York style synth song, this remix uplifts it with a minimalist bassy groove:


"Crimeless was inspired by watching the interactions of strangers in a distant metropolis...

It started off as a simple conversation piece and then grew into something more intricate (in the cold, in the dark)."




Listen to them and much more on the complete Playlist




See you next month!