2019 Wrapped full of songs I never listened to.

2019 Wrapped full of songs I never listened to.





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So for the last year I, like many others, have been spammed with password reset emails - I presume from someone trying to access my account. Following the advice in the pw reset emails I just ignore them - but it's concerning…


The My 2019 Wrapped happened and I was interested to see what it contained, like everyone… however this year my most listened-to artists and albums where all Latin American music, which despite being catchy tunes, I've never even heard of. There were still some of the songs I have listened to in there, so that gave me the impression that someone else is using my account - however I've never had that "your account is in use somewhere else" message when playing music - maybe it's just different timeszones tho.


My concern is that somebody has hacked my account and been listening to music - whilst I'm not that concerned about the listening, I do worry about what else they could do... and of course my stats.


I obviously changed my password, so hopefully it's not happening, however I don;t know how to check what I have listened to recently in Spotify to see if someone else is still listening - when I look in my app it just shows what i have actually listened to - so I don't know if there is another way to check, or if the intruder is deleting their history as they listen or what… it's very peculiar.


I think Spotify needs to improve security - don't send password resets unless a user can provide two pieces of information, rather than just an email or username.


Also maybe if one person is simultaneous listening to music on different continents this could be flagged as requiring a genuine password reset.

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Sorry to hear you're having issues! There might be a couple of things that you can try after you've reset your password, and those are:

2) On your Account page, select the option that says "Sign Out Everywhere" which will disconnect you from all active devices. If you do this as well as change your password then the problem should disappear.

3) Another option is to go to the Apps tab on your Account page, here you can revoke permission from apps that want to access your Spotify account. If you see anything here that you don't trust, remove it from the list.


Let me know how it goes!

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