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81-item display limit on queue preventing reordering

81-item display limit on queue preventing reordering

As the subject states, Spotify limiting the queue display to 81 items prevents reordering. I am able to reorder items 1-81 just fine, however, anything beyond item 81 is unable to be moved up the queue.


E.g., say there are currently 100 items in the queue. I decide to add three podcast episodes to the queue. I want to move the podcast episodes up the queue to listen to after the current song is finished playing. I also want to maintain in the queue all the items I previously had queued up. Since the podcast episodes are items 101, 102, and 103 in the queue, I do not see them displayed in the queue for reordering. I am unable to move those podcast episodes up to the top of the queue until they each respectively become item 81 in turn, or I remove queued items from the queue for those items to be displayed, or I manually play each of those podcast episodes in turn.


To me the only solution is to allow the full queue to be viewed. Otherwise, the queue functionality is limited as outlined in my example.

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Hi @Phylomathus


As an optimization feature, the Spotify Desktop app only shows 81 songs in the queue. The more songs displayed in the queue at once, the more system memory the Spotify app needs to use. The 81-display limit prevents Spotify from using too much RAM.

You can find evidence of this here.


In late 2021, Spotify updated the queue from displaying 50 tracks to 81.

You can find the post in the Idea Exchange here.


Theoretically, the queue should be able to show an unlimited number of songs, if an approach was taken of loading and unloading the queue in chunks, just like large playlists.

If you would like this behavior to be implemented, you can request it in the Idea Exchange!

See how the Idea Exchange works here.





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@kaworu_bloodpaw wrote:


If you would like this behavior to be implemented, you can request it in the Idea Exchange!

Or, or, hear me out: Spotify could just implement what is obviously a positive change. That is, if their developers aren't too busy trying to satisfy their out-of-touch corporate executives demanding higher user engagement at the expense of an actually good music streaming app and user experience.


The Idea Exchange is a joke at best and a malicious tool that's used to pacify users by giving them an illusion of control at worst, and either way a pathetic substitute for a proper issue/feature request tracker. Spotify will do what they want.


Example: an idea was submitted to remove the track limit on playlists. The person submitting the idea specifically stated that the limit should be removed on all playlists, including—but not limited to—what was then called the "Songs" playlist (now called "Liked Songs") within your "Collection" (now your "Library"—this Idea is from 2014 and terminology has changed since). It gained enough votes within the required time frame to be implemented. Then, rather than implementing the actual idea which was submitted and voted for (removing all playlist caps), Spotify "implemented" the idea by removing the Liked Songs cap (playlists are still locked to 10,000 but you can like as many songs as you'd like now), closed the idea, and now demands that if you want the playlist cap removed, you should open another idea and hope it gets enough votes within their narrow time frame again, despite the fact that their users have already voted and clearly stated that they want this. 

For anyone still dealing with this queue limit issue, please upvote my post in the Ideas section:

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