Acccidentally deleted most of playlist

Acccidentally deleted most of playlist








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This afternoon, I moved a couple CDs from an almost full playlist to one that was less cluttered. When I went to delete them from the original playlist, I somehow deleted everything from Vi until the top of the playlist, over 7000 songs. Since there's no way I know of to just undelete the files from the trash, I tried deleting the playlist then using Spotify's restore playlist, but it only gives me what I already had left, Vi until Z. This playlist has been getting regularly altered since 2014, and is always almost filled to the max, but Spotify can't find a backup of a version that has more than the current 251 songs. Is there anything else I can try since there's really no way to figure out what's missing, I mean there's whatever songs I didn't listen to from probably 1500 cds, so even with a massive effort I'm not going to be able to figure out much of what's gone.


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Hey there @HelloGammaRay,


Thanks for getting in touch with us.


If you've already tried these steps and still can't see the songs, we'd suggest for you to click here to contact our support. The folks there can look into this further.


And just a useful tip - if you delete songs on accident on the desktop app, you should be able to get them back by pressing Ctrl+Z. 


If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us.


Stay safe!

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Ctrl+Z is good to know for the future.
The Spotify support person said all backups they have of that playlist are the same as the current version, which doesn't really make sense given the playlist has regularly been altered for 6 years. So seemingly years of effort down the drain...

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