Add Album Art from Local Files

Add Album Art from Local Files

Please fix the album art issue in Local Files!


I've been searching and it looks like the whole Local Files feature is having issues, but I think a post specifically for this feature is necessary. I've seen the different community posts and I've tried following the steps, but they don't work. I can see the album art both on Apple Music and my own files, but it just doesn't seem to work on Spotify.


I love Spotify and customer support is usually super great so I hope you guys work on this!

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Hey @kaela09,


Thank you for reaching out to us about this.


It's possible to for the app to show album art for local files if that info can be found in the metadata for the song.


We're afraid that this doesn't always work as expected and our teams are aware of this behavior and the right folks are looking into this.


We're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend always keeping your Spotify app up to date to ensure you're on the latest version.



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