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Add manualny mixing

Add manualny mixing

Hi, i absolutely Love spotify <33 the only thing that I would love to be able to do is to manually mix some artists. I mean that there is a button to mix 1 or more atists and Spotify generate you a playlist with those artist(s) and other similar songs. As I said: would  absolutely love it 🙂

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Hey @Alexnaum1q,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community. We hope you don't mind us moving your post out of the ideas section to one of our Help boards as it fits better here.


We appreciate your feedback regarding this feature. However, a similar idea has already been suggested here - feel free to add your vote to it by hitting the “Thumbs up” button to show your support for it! We'd also recommend taking a look at its Status for more info. Any relevant updates about this will be posted there.

If you think your idea should be considered as separate, feel free to submit it on our Ideas Exchange board highlighting how your idea is distinct from the existing one.

If anything else comes up, the Community will be here for you.

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