Album Page Display Order


Album Page Display Order





Macbook Mid 2012

Operating System

OS 10.12.6


My Question or Issue

When I browse the albums I saved to my library, it was able to remember the location where I viewed last time. For example, I saved hundreds of albums, and I sort them by 'Recently Added' order, then I scroll down and start to listen from the oldest I saved. Then no matter what page I browse in between (artist, album, playlist, search etc.), when I go back to album page, it always display the album I viewed last time (in this case at bottom of the page).

However, after recent Spotify updates (started from about one month ago), this feature is not available anymore. Everytime I leave the album page and go back, the album display went back from the top. This is very annoying when the library is big.


Please either fix this issue or enable to sort by ascending/descending order.

Thanks very much.

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