[Android][Playlists] Playlist organization and song movement

[Android][Playlists] Playlist organization and song movement

(On mobile app) for some reason, hopefully not only on my end, the custom option for Playlist organization is gone. Previously I had to get on a desktop to organize my Playlists how I wanted, then get on my phone and choose the custom option where it would organize it how I had it on the desktop. Now, on the desktop, my Playlist are organized the same bit on my phone the custom option is gone and the Playlists have rearranged and I can't reorganize it how I like. My suggestion is to either bring back the custom option or allow playlists to be moved around in a similar way that songs can be queued.

Another thing is to separate the remove from Playlist and add to Playlist options. Have lost countless songs to the proximity of those options.:(

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