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Audiobook time limit

Audiobook time limit

I usually listen at 1.5x listening speed and itll probably be offline. So when I reconnected I ended up only getting 10hrs of listening time this month not 15 before it said I'd hit the limit is there a way to fix.

I don't get Internet at work which is when I tend to listen to audiobooks.

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Hey @Ptkshona, thanks for reaching out to the Community!

As a Premium subscriber, you get 15 hours of audiobook listening time per month, and those 15 hours (if any is unused) is expired at the end of each month. Speed does not factor in or change your audiobook time allotment (so if you play audiobooks at a very fast speed, your audiobook listening time will reduce for the length of that audiobook.


There’s more information on audiobooks here.

If you have further questions, let me know!

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This is a gross thing for Spotify to limit. Your fees are already very high and you are just looking to make even more. Gross. 

Please reconsider this policy. This makes no sense Spotify. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Seems very corporate and a way to squeeze out more money from what were dedicated Spotify users

What's really sad is most books are anywhere from 13 to 16 hrs. In length. So you can't even go through a whole book before you run out of your hours. Shame on you Spotify....

Why spend an extra $17 for a 10hr top-up when you can spend the same money on Audible and re-listen to the same book unlimited times?

I have 23 minutes MINUTES left in my book. I also just so happened to find out about the audiobook limit 😤

I just finished a 12 hour audiobook at 1.9 reading speed and it still charged me the whole 12 hours of my listening time for the month when I believe I finished it in 7 hours

This is the exact reason why I’m here in this forum. I just found out about this limit and I have 34 minutes left of the book. It stopped mid sentence.Guh

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