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Bug Report: Liked songs not displayed correctly

Bug Report: Liked songs not displayed correctly

Hey community! My likes are not displayed correctly on the Artist page in the Popular list and on the Album page.

I see my favorite track in the global playlist of Liked Songs and in Artist->Liked Songs, but the same track is not marked with a heart on the Artist page in the Popular list and on the Album page. You can assume that they are similar albums but not the same one, BUT NO, if you click on the link to an album from Liked Songs, it takes you directly to the Album page and the same track is not marked with a heart there. What's going on? 🤯

Than, if you click on a Like on such a track on the Album page or in the Popular list (on the Artist page), the track will be duplicated in Liked Songs with the new date of the Like. Aaaa!!! (can't attach the fourth screenshot)

This happens to a lot of my likes. I can assume that the only thing they have in common is age, e.g. the likes are from 2015.

Bug is related to my library, not the platform, it's the same everywhere.

How to solve this problem?

Premium Family 

Country: Austria
Platform: iOS 16 / macOS 13 Ventura

Is this the right place to report a bug or do I have to write to some chat / email / form? Really want this fixed as soon as possible, so annoying.

Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 10.54.17.png
Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 10.56.04.png
Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 10.55.10.png
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Fourth screenshot. This is what it looks like if you click 💚 in Album or in Popular tracks list on Artist on the track that has actually been liked for a long time. It just gets duplicated with a new date. So I get two likes on the same track.

If there's a support team here, my user "xxxxxxxxx"


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Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 11.13.25.png

Hi there @stepahin,


Thanks for the post.


It's possible that this song has two version on Spotify. This can sometimes happen if the artist/ copyrights holder has removed and then re-uploaded the track to Spotify with different metadata, essentially creating two different uploads with the same title and content. 


I checked this and it looks like the song 'Cool like me' has three different versions in the Spotify catalogue:





There is not much we can do about this from our end, but you can report this to our content teams, following this guide. They can check if the songs are indeed different releases/ versions or if there is a content error with the same track uploaded in multiple instances.


Hope this helps.

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