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Can't delete album from library

Can't delete album from library


Family premium 




Samsung Galaxy 9

Operating System

Android Kernel


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I keep on trying to uninstall an album from my library and un-liking/un-saving the album but it keeps on re-appearing in my library and re-downloading itself after just a few moments. 

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Hi there @treeonatree

thanks for posting !


Can you please send screenshots of what's happening on your account ?

In the mean while, please check the stesps provided here as they might help.


Thanks for your cooperation

I'm having the same problem with 5 different albums. They keep showing up. Its driving me crazy.
Plan: Family Premium
Operating System: Android 9 (OnePlus 5)

hey if possible open spotify with a browser not an app. put the browser site in a desktop mode and try to remove it from the library from there. hope it helps cheers

The screenshots just show that i tap the remove download button and then it goes rignt back to being downloaded wothout me doing anything. Also i posted this issue late at night and forgot to describe what kind of phone and my plan. I am on an samsung galaxy s9 on a family premium plan. Also the steps you sent dont work for me because one of the steps states to go into the other category in settings but you can't tap on other as it is just a subtitle for the last option which is logout.


I tried unliking from the browser as well but it did not work.

Hey treeonatree,


Sorry you're having this issue. What version of Spotify do you have downloaded? You can find it under Settting>About


Let me know!

Hi all,

I don't know for treeonatree but for me it's getting worse. 3 more albums got added to this dynamic. 3 albums I haven't listen to in weeks have been saved to my library and set for download. I cannot take them away. Every time I open Spotify they are there again. It's getting really annoying. I cannot connect the WiFi or I'll start downloading +80 songs...

My Spotify version is


Same for me. More and more albums are being randomly downloaded so i cant even open the app anymore without having 90+ songs downloaded.

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