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Can't find downloaded songs?!

Can't find downloaded songs?!

For example, if I have downloaded a song by "liking" it, then down the line "unliked" it (removed the heart), technically the song is still downloaded but nowhere to be found!

I have read multiple forums and all seem to tell you to go to playlists > liked songs > click the three dots and a search bar appears... yet these three dots are non-existent! No search bar, no "filter downloaded songs", nothing that all the other forums suggest!

I have the updated the app right before posting this and still no joy.

Can anyone help? (I'm using an Android phone if that helps)

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Hey @CortML , thanks for reaching out

You can access the search bar under liked songs the same way you do in every playlist.

You scroll downwards so that you go the top.

You're supposed to find the search bar along with the Sort button at the very top.

(I've attached a screenshot below)

Now if you had liked songs downloaded then yeah, when you like a song it's automatically downloaded.

But, it doesn't remain downloaded if you remove it from the playlist.

If you like, you could create a  separate playlist for when you need to remove songs from Liked songs whilst keeping them downloaded and download that playlist.


Happy listening 🎧🖤

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I have a similar problem where I downloaded songs from discover weekly but didn’t like them and it’s the next day and I can’t find them

Hi there @KludgyCartoon79,


Thanks for the post.


The Discover Weekly playlist updates weekly, so even if you have hit the download button on it, the songs in the playlist will still change. So, this means you won't be able to see the songs that you've had downloaded last week, as they get automatically replaced with the new content. One way to go around this is to add all songs from your DW into a custom playlist every week. 


Hope this clears things up.

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