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Cannot Remove Song From Personal Playlist

Cannot Remove Song From Personal Playlist






Samsung Galaxy 8

Operating System

Windows 10


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There is a song that has appeared on my personal playlist, I do not know how it got there. It is not in my liked list and does not show it is in queue, when I try to Remove From Queue via desktop, nothing happens. I have looked at it in the app and there is no way to remove it there either. 


I have changed computers, reinstalled Spotify, etc. and nothing is fixing this problem. It is an hour long track and is horrible, it's making me crazy that I cannot remove it. Please help before I go bonkers!

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Hi there @catnip80,


Welcome to the Community, thanks for reaching out about this and letting us know what you've tried.


First up, we'd recommend performing a clean reinstall of the app. This is different than simply reinstalling, as it can clear any cache that might be interfering and causing issues. 


If you're still unable to remove it, would you mind letting us know what happens when you click Remove from this playlist? Is the app crashing or nothing happens? 


Would you also mind sharing a link to the track so we can test this on our end?


Keep us posted. We'll be on the lookout for your reply.

Mario Moderator
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