Daily Mixes a Still an Issue


Daily Mixes a Still an Issue

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Firstly, I couldn't post in 'Ongoing Issues', Spotify couldn't resolve the issue so I'm posting here. 


Approx. 12-months ago, I posted about this issue. Spotify said it was 'on their radar', but it has yet to be resolved:


I'm posting again in the hope that Spotify actually does something about this, in the meantime I'm looking for an alternative product.


Daily Mixes Updating

My DMs do update once in a while, but I'm lucky if this is every few weeks or months.


I found this link, and it would appear that 'Daily Mixes' are not daily at all:


After the most recent update, Spotify randomly "liked" 470 songs from my library and updated my Daily Mixes based on this.... songs that I had saved for specific purposes (working out, road trips etc), not the kind of music I listen to every day. This resulted in utterly useless Daily Mixes. I had to delete them all, and it's now like I started from scratch.


Still no update, though.



There is a really big issue with the algorithm for Daily Mixes. The DMs are just based on listen history (confirmed by a Spotify staff member in chat), so if a user skips a song it is still used to form the DMs (on the off chance the Daily Mix decides to update).


This means that using Spotify to explore and find new music is not compatible with discovering new music through preferences via Daily Mixes. This makes no sense!


There's also no option to dislike/remove songs in a Daily Mix. I've read somewhere that this was possible once, but itis not available to me.


Honestly, why am I paying for a premium plan when I am not getting a premium product?







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