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Daily Mixes not updating

Daily Mixes not updating







(iPhone 12 Pro Max, Dell XPS 15)

Operating System

(iOS 15, Windows 10)


My Question or Issue

For the past two weeks, I have noticed that my Daily Mixes have essentially stopped updating. My listening preferences are usually Movie Soundtracks, 80s-90s music, Christian/Worship. I have not stopped any of my normal listening patterns when this began nor during I encountered this. The lists will be about 90/10 (90% same tracks with 10% of newer tracks thrown in). The tracks rarely change order as well. I also noticed that the lists would previously "shuffle" between my music preferences: if I listen to more movie soundtracks for the week, I would sometimes have 1-3 of my daily mixes show movie soundtracks. This is simply not the case any more. 


I have looked through previous threads and followed the recommendations I saw there: clearing the cache when listening on iPhone, not listening to a Daily Mix as my "last list" played with an eight-hour gap and none have worked so far.


Any thoughts on what I can do to correct this? I have previously liked the way the Daily Mixes would shuffle. 

Top Answer

Hi everyone,


Thank you for the inputs so far.


It's important to note that near 75% of the content in your Daily Mixes should already be familiar to you, as their purpose is to focus primarily on the stuff you enjoy, with some occasional additions recommended by the app based on your taste. Discover Weekly and Release Radar are more oriented towards exploring new music.


Daily Mixes should update daily, however, keep in mind that the changes within these playlists may be subtle, such as the order of the playlist shuffling, or a track or two being replaced with another, so it may not be easy to tell at first glance. Something you can try is to download one of your Daily Mixes for offline listening, then set the app to Offline mode. On the next day, turn off Offline mode to see if the playlist would refresh.


You can also check out the Picked just for You playlists if you're looking for new recommendations on Spotify. You can access them by typing picked for you in the Search bar and filtering out the results so that only Playlists would appear.


Hope this clears things up. Take care.

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Hi there @zackjwilson80,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community. We'd like to have a closer look into this.


Can you let us know if this occurs on one specific device or multiple devices?


Also, can you let us know how long this been going on and if it occurred after a specific update?


We'll keep an eye out for your reply.

Take care!

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Live, love, laugh and listen to music 🙂

This currently happens on all of the devices that I use to connect with
Spotify (iPhone, iPad and a PC running Windows 10). I began noticing this
shortly after March 7th but I'm unsure what update that it
occurred afterwards as the app auto updates on the iOS devices and also on
the PC.

Thanks again.

Hey @zackjwilson80,


Thanks for the reply.


What you can try is to listen to a few different artists through the Search option for a couple of days and see if that makes a difference. Often times when the Daily Mix doesn't update, it's because the algorithm can't gather enough data based on your latest listening activity. So if you're mainly listening to a limited amount of artists or genres, it appears that the Daily Mix is not updating at all and the songs are not moving.


Keep us posted on how you get on with this in a few days.


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Thank you for the update. I will try that and let you know in a couple of days. Also, will listening to music I have in personally created playlists also count towards what you mentioned?

Hi @zackjwilson80,


Thanks for the reply!


Yep! As long as you don't listen in a private session, your activity will be detected by the algorithm and the curated playlists should update with new entries. Sometimes though, the changes may be subtle, so it may appear as if the playlist hasn't updated, but the more you explore further and discover newer artists the more likely you are to be recommended new stuff.


Hope this clears things up. The Community is always here if there's anything else you need assistance with.



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All of my daily mixes have not updated for 4 months now. I've tried logging out, clearing the chache, deleting the app, restarting the phone but nothing seems to be working. Did anyone else have this issue? How can i fix it?






iPhone 13 pro

This is continuing to happen to me. I have tried the advice in this thread
by listening to random albums and playlists but the daily lists do not
update much. Of course, I'm not expecting a complete overhaul each day by
any means but there are only a few songs that are new in the Daily Mixes
and that is it. I'm glad to see I'm not alone in this.

Hey everyone,


Thanks for flagging this with us.


Sorry to hear that this started happening again.

Can you please check if the Daily Mix has the same content on all of your devices? If that's the case let us know the following, if you already haven't:

  • Device model and OS version
  • current Spotify version
  • Troubleshooting you've done so far

We'll report this to the right teams at Spotify 🙂



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Having the same issue over the last couple of weeks, have updated Spotify software on both MacBook Pro and iPhone and restarted, but still only the same Daily mixes available, same on both devices.

I’m having this same issue on all devices. It’s gotten to the point that I’m sick of hearing songs by artists I don’t even know the names of. 

Hi there folks,


Thank you for your replies. We're sorry to hear about this.


Can you please let us know the information that's being asked for above?


We'll be on the lookout for your replies.


Take care!

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Live, love, laugh and listen to music 🙂

I am seriously considering unsubscribing beacause of this issue.

I have found threads with this exact issue as far back as 2018. I have tried every possible solution listed in them and nothing has worked.

It is absolutely unbelievable to me that this issue persists to this day.

I am also having the same issue. Although I feel like mine is a little different as I feel like I'm stuck in 2018. I listen to daily drive almost every day and usually play daily mix 1 or 2 right now I have 6 daily mixes but the majority of then are identical and keep trying to play stuff I listened to 5 years ago. My preferences have changed drastically but it still keeps bring back stuff I liked years ago instead of building new mixes with similar artist to my current taste. It used to work great it's why my tastes changed. Some random music made its way into my mix I reallyiked it and started looking for more music like that but now I get no new suggestions even the older stuff it's playing those artists have new albums but it still plays their stuff from 2018. 

Android 12.

Galaxy s10



Hi. I am having the exact same issue. There were fantastic mixes made for me when I first started using Spotify. But they haven't changed and there's nothing new. I only use Spotify on one platform--my desktop. And I use the web version. If you could offer some thoughts, it would be great. Otherwise, have been greatly enjoying Spotify since giving up Prime Unlimited.

Same with me - have not updated in weeks now. On ALL devices. I cleared cache on EVERY device. And listened to new artists. Still nothing. wth?

I replied with this requested information already. Please see my original note on 3-21-2022

It seems that the Moderators are not reading the thread in its entirety. I opened this thread back in March and after providing the requested information (such as the devices the instances are happening), I'm still being asked on what devices this is happening. I think it is obvious now that we are all experiencing this. It would be nice to see an acknowledgement of the problem. 

So if I understand what you are saying daily mixes will never update if you listen to the same collection of artists? That does not seem like much of a feature. Why would it not at least rotate songs from that collection of artists. It's not like they have one song or even a single album I have artists I listen to regularly with 20 plus albums more then enough music to not have the same exact Playlist over and over. I feel like part of what caused this issue was when the dislike button changed in the phone ui may play lists only alow me to like a song but then that adds it to my liked songs Playlist and I don't want every song I kind of like added to that list where's the dislike button what about a song that's meh its not that I don't want to hear it every so often I just don't like it enough to add to a Playlist of favorites or let me like and favorite so that it knows hey I like this song but I don't want to hear it over and over. I use Spotify almost daily yet things like daily drive keep going to songs I haven't listened to in years of ever they are just way down on my liked song list from when I first joined like 10 years ago


I've literally had the same exact songs several weeks in a row despite listening to a wide variety of artists. Not sure why it's not updating at all.... 

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