[Desktop][Social] View your followers list on desktop

[Desktop][Social] View your followers list on desktop


Apparently the new update also removed the 'followers' list from my profile. I noticed one of my playlists had new followers, so I wanted to check if I had gotten any as well, but then I couldn't find it anymore. I don't like this, why did this get removed? I want to know who follows me.

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Hey hey @loveshackhummel,


Thanks for reaching out. You should still be able to see who follows you.


You can go click on your profile picture > Profile. There you can see who you follow and your followers.


If you have trouble with that, can you let us know if you've already tried to log out > restart your device > log back in? It's also a good idea to try a clean reinstall to clear any old files that might be causing issues.


If that doesn't do it for you, screenshots of what you see will be very helpful to our investigation as well.


Keep us in the loop here.

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Hi Elena!


Thank you for your reply. I tried your suggestions but neither seem to have worked. It's still only showing this:




Or does that just mean i don't have any followers yet? 😂

I'd still like to be able to see that, though

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