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[Desktop] [Update] Multiple issues

[Desktop] [Update] Multiple issues






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I've got multiple issues since the update 🙂

1 - when I press Delete on a song inside a playlist in order to remove it, the song isn't removed. In fact, nothing happen anymore when I press Delete.

2 - when I add the same song multiple time in a playlist, the new Spotify doesn't warn me about doing it. Since the update, it's a mess. I want that simple feature back, please. My playlists are long, big playlists. I don't want to add the same song again and again without knowing it. 

3 - I liked the fact that I was able to set myself the size of the different part of Spotify. Now, the column on the left part isn't changeable anymore. That sucks hard.



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Hi @JulienPr!


Thanks for reaching out about this. 


We recommend checking this thread where you can post your comments and feedback about the New Desktop Experience. This is constantly being monitored and discussed by the right folks in order to improve the users' overall experience.


You can also Subscribe to it so you can be on top of all the new updates we share about it.


On another note, you should be able to remove songs from your playlists with the Backspace key instead of Delete. 


Cheers - Keep us in the loop!

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