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[Developer] disliked songs

[Developer] disliked songs

I have been with Spotify Premium almost one year so I have a lot of songs. I have liked and disliked a lot. I have built 6 playlist and 1 time capsule that I play on a regular. When I'm listen to songs I'm feeling I like it. When I'm listening something I don't like I try to dislike or hide. Why can't I dislike any song I don't want to keep playing in my playlist ?? I have one song that I have hidden many times and it continues to pop up in all my play list. This song will not let me dislike it for some reason. I play for a service if I don't want to hear a certain song I shouldn't have to keep hearing it. I have over a thousand liked songs no one song should keep repeating like this everyday. This needs to be fixed. 

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