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Discover Weekly and Release Radar bombarding me with Middle Eastern Hip Hop?!?

Discover Weekly and Release Radar bombarding me with Middle Eastern Hip Hop?!?

I've been using Spotify for years with no real issues.  Then around a month ago my Discover Weekly and Release Radar became 100% hip hop music in Arabic.  I NEVER listen to hip hop at all, nor have I played any of this genre in the past.  Every week I take the time to hit the REMOVE button and it says "we won't add songs like this in the future", but the following Monday the DW and RR are filled with more of exact same kind of stuff.  

A cursory search on a few of the artists leads me to believe the majority of the stuff is Turkish Rap, a style I've never liked, played or added to a single playlist.  I have hundreds of other songs and artists I like in various playlists or saved to my library, none of which are even close to this genre.  Any ideas why this would happen out of the blue and how to fix it?  

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Hi there @mgvfx,


Thanks for the post.


This is indeed very strange. It can happen if you've left your account logged in on a communal device, like a home speaker/ TV or gaming console and someone else has played that sort of music while your account was logged in. 


I'd recommend you go through the steps in this article to secure your account. You can check your followed artist for any musician, who you don't remember following and removing them.


After this, keep listening to your favorite music. After a week or two, let us know if you're still getting Turkish Rap recommendations.



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