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Discover Weekly not updating

Discover Weekly not updating






(iPhone XS / Macbook Pro 2019)

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(iOS 13 / macOS Catalina)


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My Discover Weekly is not updating but my daily mixes are. I am not using a private session, and I listened to many different playlists in the past days.

I also have the option to save my entire Discovery Playlist, which I am not sure should be possible (I do not have this option with my daily mixes).

I tried changing devices, logging out and back in, same issue every time.

I would wait a week to see what happens, but considering it's an issue that seems to affect other people, I'm not sure it would be useful

Thanks for the help

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Same problem here:

Latest update of Discover Weekly was 2020-07-19. Also tried follow/unfollow and login/logout and still no success.


Coincidentally, my playlist was updated last time on 2020-07-20. 


Same thing here, last updated on 2nd of August.

Same thing happened to me. I contacted Spotify support on Twitter and they said it’s ‘an expected issue’ whatever that’s supposed to mean and that they cannot fix it for me. It’s really frustrating and I just might cancel my membership.

Did you recently change your spotify country to a country where spotify became avaliable only recently? I read on another thread that when you switch to a country where they just started providing a service, discover weekly won't be available for a few weeks because they expect most of their users in that country to be new users and wont have enough data on them to create discover weekly playlists.


Other users won't even see discover weekly but we see it cause we are following that playlist from earlier. So if thats true the playlist should update in a couple of weeks.

My case exactly - recently changed to a country where Spotify just became available, Discover Weekly not updated since. Other playlists are being updated though. I can also confirm that newly registered user in the country does not have Discover Weekly.


From another  topic, SpotifyCares Twitter account has confirmed that 'Discover Weekly' is not yet available in countries where the service was recently introduced.

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