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I have about 1900 songs downloaded and plenty of storage space available on my phone. However, when I try to save more music, it gives me that "Epic collection" message and won't let me download any more music. Isn't the download limit supposed to be 10 000? Why can't I download any more?


I've got premium and am using a Huawei P30Lite

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1900 songs takes up a lot of space.  That phone has a ton of storage space so it's unlikely, but you may want to check your phone's storage.  Spotify can potentially download ten thousand, but not if the phone runs out of space.  Also, it can help to check the cache settings, which is just in your settings on Android after scrolling for a bit.  That even shows you how much storage Spotify detects itself taking up in comparison to the rest of your phone's storage.

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