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I know that there are other posts related to this issue, but none of the solutions worked for me (again), so I thought I would share what's happening (also, sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong category and also sorry for my English);


During this past week, my main playlist had its download option turned off three different times and none of them were because I turned it off. I simply opened the app like I always do and suddenly my entire playlist was being redownloaded as if it wasn't already there previously. This wouldn't be an issue if I didn't have over 150 songs, which makes the whole process of redownloading it a bit long.


I also have a few local files in this same playlist and they always disappear from my phone every time this issue happens. Getting them back requires me to go to my desktop and download the entire playlist again, but from my PC this time. Also, this is not my first time having issues with local files.


Now, I've tried looking up a few solutions to this, such as deleting the app and downloading it again (done, still happened again), clearing cache (done, nothing changed), logging out and logging back in (same), making sure I have at least 1GB free on my device (I do) and the list goes on.


I really don't wanna sound like a Karen, but Spotify has been giving me a bunch of different issues every now and then: the app is constantly closing by itself, songs sometimes get paused when I leave the app working on the backgroung, playlists getting its download removed, etc. It's been really frustrating because it's not a cheap service when you think about how long you've been paying for it, yet, the amount of issues only seems to be growing.

Really hope you guys can help me on this one. Thank you, have a great day.







iPhone 7 Plus

Operating System

iOS 14.3


My Question or Issue

How do I stop my playlists from getting its download removed?

1 Reply

Hi there @clearbndit,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the community!


Sorry to hear that you're having issues with the mobile app. All of the things you've mentioned sound like they're related to the way the app stores information and cache on your device.


What you can try is to change the default download location of offline content on your phone.


You can also check if there is any Battery optimization for Spotify and disable that. Also, make sure that the app is granted all permissions.


Keep us posted on how you get on with this.

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