Downloaded songs not appearing in music library


Downloaded songs not appearing in music library






United States


iPhone 8, PC

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(iOS 13.2.3, Windows 10


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I recently made a new Spotify account and put some of the music I wanted to carry over onto a playlist to download it onto my new Spotify. when I went to download it they all downloaded, but none of them are appearing in my library. Do I have to go through every single artist and album and add them to my library to not have to go through that playlist every single time? I have all the songs "Liked" and downloaded them all. 

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Hey there @Juulius


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Just to confirm, have you tried restarting the device? We suggest you try this with both your iPhone and PC. Then you can try again to see if it works. 


You might as well check this help article for more info.   


Let us also know, do you mean a playlist in your old Spotify-account that you're trying to get on your new account? Have you tried creating a new playlist with the same songs in the new account just to check if it works? Or did you directly follow the playlist with your new account? 


Can you also provide some screenshots showing how it looks on your side? This way we'll be able to help you more specifically. 


Hope this helps. Keep us posted!

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