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[ERROR] When adding an album to library - automatically all songs are added to favourite playlist

[ERROR] When adding an album to library - automatically all songs are added to favourite playlist






iPhone 11 Pro

Operating System

iOS 14.4


My Question or Issue

It seems that for some albums which I added to my library, all songs have been automatically been added to my "Favourite Songs" playlist.

When I now remove the album from my library, all of it's songs remain flagged as "favourite" songs.

This is messing up my entire "Favourite Songs" playlist.


It looks like a bug to me that

1. ALL album songs are automatically marked as favourite and

2. when I remove the album from my library, ALL songs are still marked as favourite

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Hey @ochrasy


Thanks for reaching out to us about this - we'll be glad to help you out here.


First thing you can try is performing a clean reinstall of the Spotify app on your iPhone. This will remove corrupted data from previous installations that could be causing the issue. 


If this persists after a clean reinstall, let us know if you observe the same with each Album you like. It's also a good idea to log in to your Spotify account on another device and check if you experience the issue. This will help us take a closer look and assist you further. 


Looking forward to your reply. Enjoy your day! 

Thanks for your answer! I cleared the cache of the Spotify App on my iPhone and also deleted it and installed again. I also have Spotify installed on a Windows 10 PC.


The issue is actually, that for some reason for many albums all songs are marked with a heart. This happened with me "liking" the songs. I just added the album to my library. When I now remove the album from my library (removing the heart for the album), all songs keep the heart. To remove them manually, album by album is lot's of work.


This seems to be for many albums which I added to my library around 2 years ago. (but also for some newer ones) Nevertheless, this happened not to all albums, so it is hard to reproduce.


Appreciate your support to solve this bug!



Hi there @ochrasy


Thanks for getting back in touch and sending us this info. 


Could you let us know if it is also happening on your PC or only on your phone?


On another note, would you mind asking a friend to log in their account in your phone to check if this issue persists with a different account?


Also, make sure that there aren't any cache clearing or battery optimization settings enabled for Spotify on your phone.


Keep us posted!

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