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Enhanced feature disable download

Enhanced feature disable download






iPhone 13

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iOS 16.2


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I am having issues downloading my playlist after using the enhanced playlist feature. Existing song became unavailable offline. The download and option (。。。) button are unavailable.

no download option (mine).png
w download option (a friend's).png
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Hi @syakirahazman!


Could you try reinstalling the app to see if that does the trick? You can also try logging in to a different device (a friend's or a relative's would do) to see if the issue persists there.


Let us know how it goes. Cheers!

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Yordan, I have the same issue. I submit a feedback request via support but cross posting here. 

In short, I love the enhance option however it is only functional and provides value for me when I have a reliable data connection. Should I download a playlist, enhance it, and then try to listen to that playlist offline, the entire playlist becomes inaccessible to me despite 90% of the songs being downloaded. In essence, the problem for me is that Enhance is incompatible with offline listening and has unexpected behavior that restricts my playlist from me without that being my intent. 

A few possible solutions that would address this for me are.
1. Auto downloading the "enhanced" songs to any downloaded playlist per your phone's new song download settings. 
2. Add a new "download enhanced songs" button to the top (where the OG post screenshot). This would be less desirable IMO, but still better than the situation now. 
3. Have a global control setting that is a toggle reading something like, "Auto download enhanced songs on downloaded playlist." 

I would definitely prefer the proposed solution one myself. 

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