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Every new "Playlist Radio" creates almost the same list of songs no mater the playlist

Every new "Playlist Radio" creates almost the same list of songs no mater the playlist






Motorola moto g pro and PC

Operating System

Android 10 and Windows 10


My Question or Issue

When I am trying to create a Radio based on a playlist which is full of English songs,  Spotify creates a Radio full of Greek songs. And what makes matters worse is that, even if I wanted  something in Greek (based on a Playlist with Greek songs)  it seams to Create the same list of songs in different order every time.

     It seams to be something with the way the radio works, because when I clicked "create similar Playlist" it worked just fine.

some of the songs in the playlist.png
the radio result.png
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Hey @kalotrapezis,


Thanks for reaching out with this one.


Could you please clarify if you get almost the same song list when you generate a radio based on different playlists or when repeatedly generating one based on a single playlist?


Keep in mind that if it's the latter, the entries are based not only on your personal likes, but also on your region and the music libraries of users with similar tastes. That's why it might take a while for the list to get built anew with more songs that haven't come up yet. You can help the algorithm by expanding your library with new liked songs and albums or liking additional artists. That would speed up the process.


Keep us posted. We're always one reply away 🙂

Mihail Moderator
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