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Explicit Content

I have turned off the option to play explicit content but a **bleep** hub podcast keeps showing up on my "Episodes for You" area. Why? why? Why? I do not want this nasty **bleep** showing up in an app for which I am paying for the service!

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Spotify in my post you bleep out the name of the podcast you are showing on my home page?!?

Thank you for posting on the Community.
Currently, the explicit filter applies only for music. Sometimes you can see recommendations even if you don't regularly listen to those topics. Even though it's not possible to manually remove them from your Home screen, they should disappear after some time. In the meantime, keep listening to your favorite artists and playlists to keep receiving recommendations that better adapt to your taste and listening habits.
You can also leave a +Vote on this idea that asks for the possibility to customize the Home Screen.
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Please think about the irony of how I can't even type the name of the
podcast here in this forum without Spotify bleeping it out but you display
it on my home screen unwanted. What does that say about Spotify. I for sure
hear hypocrisy and greed.

Totally agree with having explicit words in the "Episodes for you" promotion. My kids can see this.


Regardless, a user should be able to "unlike" a recommendation of any kind. Imagine a Muslim being shown "Daily Bible" in their list, or a staunch Democratic being recommended Rush Limbaugh.


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