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Fix the main screens

Fix the main screens

 Hi! I used to love the spotify interface. I like the spots where it gives you different daily mixes to choose from and things like that. Now the main page seems more focused on podcasts and audio books.


My biggest complaint is after you scroll for a little, it starts locking you into these "cards" for lack of a better term where some video or song will play, you can unmute if you want. I find them annoying and counter-productive. I like the free-scrolling nature of the app previously and with the top half of the page. 


Can you get rid of these cards/squares? Or allow a feature to turn them off?

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Hi there @igboy,


Thanks for reaching out. We've moved your post here where it fits better.


What you're describing seems to be the new mobile interface which features promotional videos and graphics that are designed to foster discovery. If that's not your cup of tea, just look at the very top and unselect the music or podcast option, that will return you to a home screen more like what you're likely used to.


Hope this clears things up.

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