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Function to play a play list in reverse order

Function to play a play list in reverse order

I'm missing the function to play a playlist from end to start. (in reverse order)

without altering the playlist. so i can play it from start to end, and from end to start.

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Hi there @Melanie_Hajee,


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You can select the same sorting option again to reverse the order of the items in the playlist. More info in this article.




Note that there are some exceptions to this though:

  • custom order cannot be reversed
  • when using the mobile app, the sort options in Your Episodes and Liked Songs cannot be reversed

In case you meant one of these and you have an idea about how to improve them, feel free to submit it on our Idea Exchange board, including as much relevant info as possible. Others can then show their support by giving your idea a thumbs up and sharing their feedback.


Before you submit an idea, I recommend familiarizing yourself with our Idea Exchange Guidelines here.


Cheers 🙂

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Why is there an exception to reverse sorting Your Episodes and Liked Songs on the mobile app specifically? There used to be an option to do that, and it's still present on Windows.


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