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Google Assistant devices re-direct to random albums with similar names


Google Assistant devices re-direct to random albums with similar names






Google Home Mini

Operating System



My Question or Issue
When searching for personalized playlists, Google Assistant devices re-direct to random albums with similar names.

I've got a routine within the Google Home app to “shuffle my daily mix 3 on Spotify” 

Until mid April it worked as expected, recently it’s starting playing Daily Drive. I’ve messed around with the wording & sometimes it plays songs recommend to me (Based on the album Daily Mix 3 by Luis Masters) but will no longer play the thing I’m after.. My daily mix 3. 

This has been an issue in the past with the album by Luis masters, I got around it by changing the wording but no luck this time.  

Can this be looked into please.

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Hey Maria, 

Yup Spotify is the default music player.

I’ve tried saying “Hey Google, play my daily mix 3 playlist" but it still comes back with:

“Here’s a playlist called Daily drive”

Also thanks @AlejaR but Ive got the same outcome as NthMardmartigan. I’ve removed the phone from the equation and asking the Google home directly still gets the Daily Drive playlist unfortunately. 

Hi there folks, 


@danbowden, thanks for the info provided. We've gone ahead and reported the situation to the team in charge. They will investigate it. In the meantime, could you please ask Google to play your Discover Weekly and Daily Mix and send over the link to the albums or playlists Google plays? You can check how to do that with these steps.


We'll be here.

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Just thought I'd add another "me too" to the weight of this, as I've said on Google's forums:


I'm getting the exact same issue. Over the last week my google assistant can't even fulful basic requests...


I'll say "Hey Google, play the playlist Late Night Jazz" and it'll return a playlist called "Lounge Jazz" - is that a joke?

Saying "Play my Discover Weekly playlist" used to work perfectly... now it keeps returning a random album called "Discover Weekly". Jeez it's completely unusable - idk what someone changed but my god it's infuriating. 

This and the CONSTANT RANDOM POPPING noise when streaming (but that's not Spotify fault, because I've debugged the problem for months now, and it happens on ALL AUDIO sources, including the Google Nest Assistant responses!)

I'm having the exact same problem, completed all the troubleshooting steps and the issue persists. 


This is not a device issue, this is a Spotify issue. Clearing cash or updating our settings within the app won't fix this when it's affecting every user who uses daily mixes with Google assistant.


I tried alternate voice commands to launch my daily mixes and it's only launching the daily drive now no matter how I phrase it.


Please stop instructing us to perform useless troubleshooting steps that won't fix the issue and look into the bug that started causing this.

Hey folks!


Thank you for all the reports 🙂 
This is now being looked into. We'll let you know as soon as we have updates.

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I feel like it's a Google assistant issue over a Spotify issue - at least for me, it's the assistant deciding to play an album rather than a playlist. (I've blocked Luis Masters, and did the last time this was happening, so now rather than their crappy music, Spotify tries playing a random assortment of other "recommended" crappy music rather than the Daily Mix (X) playlist...) 

I'm having "some" success when saying to the Assistant "Play the PLAYLIST xxxxxxxxx" (does not work if i say "Play xxx PLAYLIST"!!!)

Sometimes it plays the playlist, sometimes play an LP that has the same playlist name...

Why is this random???

Beats me!!!

NOTE: Once again i must remember that THIS WAS NOT a problem! Playlists had PRIORITY over LPs and SONGS!

Any update on this issue? Its still not working on my side, tried everything including blocking luis master but can never get the daily mix to play

There's an album called Discover Weekly on Spotify, full of generic EDM music that Spotify insists on prioritizing over my own Discover Weekly playlist; even if I specify playlist.


I blocked all the artists in the screenshot hoping it will prevent Spotify from playing or seeing the album at all, but I'm unsure if it's sustainable.


I think these folks knew exactly what they were doing. It creates a poor UX. Should this be reported as a bug? Malicious content?


The issue is two fold- the album name, but also the Spotify API not consuming the speech to text string specifying content type correctly (e.g. playlist vs album vs song vs artist). The query is failing to prioritize the relationship between higher priority/user associated content over an album I never want to hear again.


Anyway, anyone else encounter this edge case?


Blocking the songs didn't work- now it skips to shuffling recommended songs similar to the album songs, which is mildly better but still pretty awful.

Hey emoda,


So just to clarify, you are being served the "Discover Weekly" playlist that Spotify creates every Monday that you can find a few places (see screenshots) and you instead want to be served a playlist you created and named named "Discover Weekly"?


Sorry if I am being confusing. I am trying to see if it's a byproduct of the voice prompts and it being confused by the semantics (playlist, album, etc.). 


Also what kind of device are you doing this on? Looks like an iPhone- which version?

Untitled design.png

Oh, sorry! This is in reference to the response from Google Home/Assistant voice prompt that plays some random album Discover Weekly after I ask it to specifically play the playlist Discover Weekly that Spotify generates. I do want the weekly generated playlist; not this random EDM album.

Gotcha gotcha. 

Yeah, that’s odd. I don’t have a Google Nest or use Google hardware, but on my iPhone when I ask Siri “Play Discover Weekly Playlist,” it goes to the one we’re both referring to. 

Sorry I can’t be of more help specifically. Good luck- I’m sure there’s a fix out there!

Yes I have this same problem, very annoying.


Even more annoying is that for a while it seemed to play the right one but now it's back to the wrong one.

Just because this stuff bothers me I have one last question in an attempt to help:


Where is the music playing from? The Google Home speaker I assume? 


I have read that some Google updates have made the voice commands finicky so you need to say things very specifically i.e. "Play My Spotify Weekly Discovery Playlist created 5/27/2024" (just an example don't hold me to that specific command). 


Finally, what you can do is reinstall Spotify and make sure you're Google device and Spotify version are updated to the latest versions. 



Oh, yeah, I haven't tried specifying the creation date. This seems to happen on every device I have, which is mostly an Android/Google Home ecosystem.

But that aside, I'll reiterate that I specify 'playlist', but it plays an album, so regardless of name, it should at least be querying the correct type of media.

The voice to text string just isn't getting parsed or consumed correctly by the Spotify API, or it's being corrupted on the way.

It is driving me absolutely nuts. Time and again I ask my Google Nest Mini to play my discover weekly playlist and it replies with “Playing Discover Weekly album on Spotify”. And the music sucks. It’s a super cyclical move and I wish the musicians/label would find a better way to get plays. Maybe by writing better music? 🤷🏻‍♂️ 

Yep, the "listen to MY discover weekly" workaround does not work anymore. So one can't listen to their Discover Weekly playlist via voice assistants because Spotify is allowing this scammy behaviour. I would think it would be in their best interest as well to keep the platform clean and ensure problem free access to their algorithmic playlists. 

Agree, this doesn't work any more - it just plays a track called "my discover weekly" by some group called "Catbreath?".


After a lot of trial and error, I now have to use this ridiculous Google home automation command:

"play my personalised playlist, called discover weekly, on spotify"

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