Warum findet man Hörbücher, kann sie aber nicht hören? 

Z.B Ruhm von Daniel Kehlmann 



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Hi, Spotify ist bezüglich "Hörbüchern" sehr verbuggt und es ist sehr unübersichtlich... Also falls dich dies ziemlich ärgert, würde ich die Deezer empfehlen. Dort hast du funktionierende und geordnete Hörbücher [und für iPhone User sogar eine seperate Hörbücher App, namens "Audiobooks by Deezer"; die Androidversion erscheint erst gegen Juli 2020] 😄


Hey there @Henderik and @user-removed, 


Thanks for searching for the answer you need here! 

Hope you don't mind us replying in English as it's the Community's official language.

Spotify works hard to constantly add music to its content database. We want all the world’s music and podcasts on Spotify, but availability can vary over time and between countries, depending on agreements between Spotify and rights holders, such as artists or record labels.


We add new content to Spotify every day, so if you can’t find something you’re looking for right now, it may appear (or reappear) soon. Alternatively, you can always contact the artist or record label with your query as well. 


Tip: You can choose if unavailable content will be shown to you by going to Settings > Display Options > Show unavailable songs in playlists.   


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any more questions. 

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