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Hidden Songs/Artists Still Playing

Hidden Songs/Artists Still Playing


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Samsung S23 Ultra (but also on Samsung Galaxy Tab S6; Spotify on Roku; Windows 10 laptop)


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Hidden songs and artists are playing on all Spotify-generated playlists. The songs and artists are hidden on the playlists as well as directly on their pages. The songs and artists still play. It does not matter if I'm listening directly on any of the devices above or if I'm playing through my Powerbeats Pro or Beats Fit Pro. The songs and artists still play. Also, if it is a playlist that Spotify made for me (examples: daylist, daily mixes, discover weekly, etc), it still recommends those songs and artists. This feature is not working at all. How do I block artists and songs permanently across the app on my account? 


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Spotify doesn't have a specific feature that allows users to block individual songs. The blocking feature is primarily designed at the artist level, allowing you to avoid an entire artist's catalog. You can hide a song within a playlist but it doesn't hide it globally.


On the Spotify mobile app for Android, you can block an artist's music from playing. Here are the steps:

1. Open the Spotify App: Launch the Spotify app on your android device.

2. Navigate to the Artist's Page: Find the artist whose music you want to block. You can do this by searching for the artist or going to their page from a song they are associated with.

3. Tap the Three Dots: On the artist's page, tap on the three dots located near the top-right corner.

4. Select "Don't Play This Artist": From the menu that appears, select "Don't Play This Artist." This will prevent the artist's songs from playing on your Spotify account.

Thats not true. I have a playlist made for me by Spotify. I blocked a song. It would skip it although i could get this artist on other playlists. ( i just did t lime that song). But a few weeks ago it stopped skipping it even tho it still looks blocked. I rebooted and re hid it. Still plays it. Spotify is messing up bad these days and not just with this.

If you hide a song in a playlist it still plays. That's the problem.

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