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Hidden song not able to unhide

Hidden song not able to unhide

Hello, I am experiencing an issue where I accidentally tapped hide on a song, but I didn’t want to hide it.  The song is Rather Be by Pentatonix.  Whenever I try to unhide it it won’t do anything.  I tested to see if I was doing it wrong by doing it on another song, but it worked and I was able to unhide it.  I restarted the app multiple times and that didn’t do anything, and I tried in hiding it on another device, and iPad.  Can someone help me please?  I really like this song Rather Be by Pentatonix

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Hey @LXD_Apple 


Try reinstalling the app if restarting hasn't helped. Reinstalling is the best way to get rid of weird issues and little errors that may appear overtime. 🙂
See this article on how to reinstall


Let me know how it goes and have a lovely day!

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