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Hiding songs in discover weekly and release radar hides songs on artist page

Hiding songs in discover weekly and release radar hides songs on artist page





The behaviour changed when hiding songs on release radar or discover weekly.


Previously when one hid song from these playlist they wouldn't been hidden on artists page. Now when I hide the song on the playlist it's hidden on artist page as well, so when shuffle playing on artist page the song is skipped.

Is there a way to revert this behaviour to the old way?


I listen to the playlists at least 20 times per week and by the end of the week all songs are hidden so I made my mind on what's good, so I can explore the artist discography. But when I like a song and skip it in playlist it removes my like and I'm unable to play the song. 

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Hey there @Oxmstr,


Thanks for the post.


Unfortunately there is no way to change this. Once you Hide a song from any playlist, that song will stay Hidden in all other playlists.


What you can do is go to Settings > and enable Show unplayable songs, this way whenever you encounter an unplayable songs in a playlist you can tap it to make it playable again.


Hope this helps. Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have more questions.

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