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How can I manage the home page I pay a premium for?

How can I manage the home page I pay a premium for?

Plan: Premium Family

Country: USA

Device: iPhone 13, iPad Pro, MacBook Pro

Operating System: iOS 14.2.1


My Question or Issue: I pay a premium for Spotify. Yet I cannot figure out how to remove irrelevant information form my Home screen. Example I don't, nor do I want to, listen to Armchair Expert.  Yet every time I land on my home page there is another personality that I don't care to gain "wisdom" from looking at me. "State of Music Today" includes a bunch of stuff that I don't listen to or like. "Discover new songs" Why? When most of them don't align at all with my taste. "Recommended for you" that always takes up the top of the screen is ALWAYS someone I never want to know about.  Yet I pay a premium to sort through all this to get to my relevant "Your Shows", "Recently Played", etc... I expect this from the U.S.P.S. but I don't pay to have junk mail FedExed. Why should I have to pay for a home page that is made up of a bunch of stuff that I'm not interested in?  I can only imagine what you are "suggesting" to my teenager...  

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Hey @minuteman1976,


Thanks for posting in the Community and welcome. 


We appreciate your feedback! It's currently not possible to remove items from your Home screen.


While there's currently no way to customize your start screen, this is something we're already looking into. We'd recommend showing your support by heading to these ideas:

Please note that even if an idea is currently set to “Not Right Now” you can still add your vote there as we revisit those ideas at regular intervals.


We hope you found this helpful. We're always here to help.

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I searched Google for "How to remove 'Armchair Expert' from my Spotify Homepage". I love Spotify. I have been a paid subscriber for three years. Prior to that, I used Google Music exclusively, because I loved the ability to create my own album art and add it to my songs that I uploaded or added to playlists. They took away that capability, so I moved to Spotify and never looked back. I do appreciate the fact that with Spotify, I can at least add whatever JPEG I want to a playlist
So fast forward to why I am making this post. Every time I get into my Tesla, with its huge, cool screen, I open Spotify before I even drive away. And every time I see the Spotify Home Page, I see Dax Shepard's screaming face, advertising Armchair Expert. I love podcasts. I have listened to Armchair Expert. It's ok....but not my favorite. Certainly not what I care to have looking at me EVERY SINGLE TIME I GET INTO MY CAR. 
So I started Googling ""How to remove a Podcast Recommendation From My Spotify Screen." And then, specifically, "How to remove Armchair Expert", etc.
This issue is my cross to bear. I'm not going to cancel my subscription if things do not change.But boy, does it make me angry every time I use Spotify, an app that I love and that I would pay TRIPLE for, if you raised the prices.
So I ask you, would you please consider allowing a person to remove "Armchair Expert" from the Spotify Home Page?


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