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How to delete daily drive playlist

How to delete daily drive playlist

How can I delete the daily drive playlist? Everytime I get in my car it is constantly poping up to the top of my suggested lists and in my daily mixes in apple car play. Because it always the first on my suggested list I am always constantly tapping on it when trying to select other playlists. The last thing I want during my drive is to hear the news but I feel like spotify keeps trying to force it down my throat.  I can't seem to find a setting anywhere to remove it or even rearrange it to the bottom of the daily playlists.  Is there anything I can do to remove this from my Spotify? 

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Hi @menace85 and thanks for posting! 🙂
Since this is a Spotify generated playlist - it can't be deleted/altered like a personal one.
I'm not sure if modifying a setting might remedy this, but just to rule the only idea I have out. 🙂 Have you tried disabling the "Car View" option to see if it changes anything?
It might not effect it though since this is a setting for a Bluetooth connection and not specific to Apple Car Play which you mentioned...

Have a great day!


I have the same problem. Spotify home is filled with annoying suggestions instead of interesting music.

Hey there @fraktalisman,


Thanks for sharing this here in the Community!


While it's not possible to customize your Home page, this is something other Spotify users have mentioned they'd like to see in the app.


In this case, we'd recommend adding your +VOTE and feedback to this idea to show your support and contribute to the discussion. 


This way, you can also stay up to speed with any updates we have regarding this. If you're curious on how ideas get implemented, there's a handy Spotify Answer here.


Hope this is helpful but don't hesitate to give us a shout if there's anything else!


Have a lovely day 🙂

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I still have the same problem, but I try not to care, and concentrate on hacks and alternatives instead. Spotify home is still filled with annoying suggestions instead of interesting music. I now started listen to other people's release radar to hear anything new. My feature suggestions in this community, based on ideas dating back to 2012, keep getting likes and likes, but then Spotify marks them as "maybe later" ... but as you know, maybe later, there might be a better straming service, and everybody will say hello and wave goodbye.

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