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I accidentally deleted my entire Liked Songs library and Spotify has no way to undo it!

I accidentally deleted my entire Liked Songs library and Spotify has no way to undo it!

Background: I maintain a playlist that is a duplicate of my entire Liked Songs (so that I can share it with my friends, because Spotify hasn't added the feature to publicize the Liked Songs for all these years). I update that list ~4 times a month. I do so by emptying the playlist and re-adding everything in my Liked Songs to the playlist. (Just adding the new songs adds them to the end of the list and messes up with the order.)


Accident: I selected all the songs in a playlist that contains 2109 of my 2111 Liked Songs using CTRL+A. I right clicked. I was supposed to hit "Remove from this playlist" but I accidentally clicked "Remove from your Liked Songs" right above it. And so it did without any further confirmation...


Problem: I cannot revert the removal. Re-adding the songs does not recover the date-added fields of my 5+ years old library, they all appear as if I added them just now. Spotify Support also merely re-adds the songs and cannot undo the removal, contrary to what is implied in this post.


So yeah, all the dates in my entire library are just wiped out due to a simple misclick and Spotify not offering any proper recovery. Fair warning, be careful out there with your clicks!


Note: So sad that a simple CTRL+Z can undo "Remove from this playlist" action, but it cannot undo "Remove from your Liked Songs" action.

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Hey @ThoAppelsin, thanks for posting about this. That's definitely unfortunate that you've lost your date added fields, although I'm glad you did happen to have them backed up to a playlist and haven't lost the tracks themselves. I think an undo option for accidental removal of liked songs could be very useful, and I'd suggest also posting your idea here so other users can vote/comment on it. Please also check out these guidelines regarding the Idea Exchange and how feedback reaches the Spotify team.

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