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Inappropriate Album Covers

Inappropriate Album Covers

I was quite SURPRISED and OFFENDED at the INAPPROPRIATE Niki Manaj album cover on the main page of the Spotify for PC app yesterday. It is emabarassing to have something like a mostly nude woman appear on your screen when all you want to do is listen to some music. Not to mention that it is an explicit album and I never listen to explicit content. Please consider that MOST of your users probably don't want to see that sort of stuff. Please have a little consideration for your users.

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It doesnt bother me, but Im also very suprised how inappropriate album covers are in spotify. They just like pop to my screen and Im like woaahh luckily my grandmother wasnt next to me. 

I couldn't agree more. I'd really love to see a feature that could remove explicit content and album covers. Ideally that stuff should be opt-in. I just did a search for EMDR music (a type of relaxing, theraputic music). The first album result has naked breasts on a cartoon style image. I really don't want to see that kind of stuff when I'm looking for music.

Please make this an option in the settings, because I do want to see album covers in their original form.

Couldn't agree more. I don't understand why artists feel the need to make album covers so vulgar

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