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Inconsistencies in adding Local File sources

Inconsistencies in adding Local File sources




United States of America


64-bit HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

I wanted to listen to some songs that weren't on Spotify, so I enabled local files in the preferences.  I saw that I already did local files before, so I moved all the old songs in the local folder I set as a source somewhere else and added the new songs.  This lead to a whole train of issues: 

 - The old songs were still there in the 'Local Files' section in 'Your Library'

 - The new song wasn't there

 - ANY newly created folder anywhere in the system isn't seen in Spotify's file explorer popup when you press "Add a Source", so I set new folders for local files

 - Any folders I deleted where still there and could still be selected as a source and the songs that used to be in them can still be seen in 'Local Files'


What I tried: 

I uninstalled Spotify, restarted my computer, than reinstalled Spotify from the Spotify website.  Nothing changed.  I followed the full clean reinstall instructions provided to get rid of caches and everything.  This included restarting my computer.  I saw no other posts that addressed the issue, I looked at:

as well as this post which had a similar issue of not seeing folder/files:

copyright/restrictions/file formats are not the issue because I didn't rip my mp3 files from anywhere, I got them from their origin, and even songs I created myself are no different.  The issue is that Spotify can't use local files in newly created folders, any mp3 files, even ripped ones can be seen in folders that existed before I turned on Local Files for the first time a while ago, folders created afterwards are never to be seen.  (A lot of newer folders were missing in their explorer)


Maybe the caches are held online on my account and Spotify is set using that once I log in, maybe it's because I have Spotify on Android but I have no knowledge of how online playlist syncing could be related to selecting Local Files.  


I'll send two pictures, one is of what Spotify is showing, and other is what file explorer is showing (and what I actually have), know that the folders not showing are newer than the first time I turned on Local Files.  

I appreciate any help with this boggling situation!

Screenshot (109).png
Screenshot (110).png
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Hey @IridescentEgg,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community!


We appreciate the troubleshooting steps you've taken so far. One more thing you can still try out is to delete from Your Library all local files playlists, remove all source for local files and run a clean reinstall of the app. On the freshly installed app, start the whole process of importing the local files from the beginning using the steps in this Support Article. We also recommend that the Sources for local files you add are not subfolders of each other. 


Hope you find this useful. Let us know how you get on.

Mihail Moderator
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