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Interface gets worse with each update

Interface gets worse with each update

Since a couple years ago the Spotify interface has been getting worse and worse with each update, right now it is at a point were it is unbearable. To start off, why are the three recommended options when you open the app usually Recently played, Jump back in and Heavy rotation? It's just plain stupid to place these three next to one another as they are almost always the same albums and playlist it just ends up looking repetitive and obnoxious. Instead of these three it could be new artist recommendations or something useful that at least looks decent and useful, instead of seeing the same thing three times. Also showing the album image of the song that is playing looks just too clustered, every update they make the icons bigger and bigger and I just don't like it. Just to end off, why did they remove the option to se how many songs a playlist has? Plain useless and unnecessary, its filled with all types of useless options and settings but something as simple as seeing the number of songs isn't available? I really can't understand the logic behind that. At the end of the day I'm just complaining about small features but those are the type of stuff that are making me want to change to Apple Music. Really hope they can give you more freedom to adjust the home interface so I can see recommendations I really would like to see.


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