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Is it possible to play local files across multiple devices?

Is it possible to play local files across multiple devices?

I've added local files to my primary desktop and phone, however, I have additional devices that I'd like to be able to access local files. If I go to my playlist where these files are, they're greyed out and say "this content is unavailable."

This is also true when trying to use the Spotify built-in app in Android Automotive infotainment systems.
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Local files can only be played on devices which they're stored on. This includes your phone and PC. Unfortunately, they can't be played on other Spotify enabled devices. 


You should be able to play them if you're connected via Bluetooth though.


Hope this info clears things up.

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Why the **bleep** did you change this? It was possible to play local files from PC on mobile or another device before, as long as they were on the same Wi-Fi when downloading. What's the point of changing that? Making the experience worse for your users? Absolutely idiotic.

what you need to do is to add the song to a playlist en download the playlist on your phone, etc. while on the same wifi network.


I recently had some issues but following this guide helped me:

After the first step all the local songs were available on my phone again

BEST ADVICE EVER!!! Thank you!

cloudy88 you said "BEST ADVICE EVER!!! Thank you!" - which one's advice? Magn2138 or ul-kkipcme_hj  ?? Thx for any pointer...

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