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Is "on repeat" playlist filtered/censored?

Is "on repeat" playlist filtered/censored?




I'm recently re-checking out Spotify again after two years with Tidal and I still like the idea about suggesting new music, automatically creating personal playlists and so on. What I'm confused about is the "on repeat" playlist. I've been listening a lot to the music from Joker movie and noticed that many of these songs are listed in my "on repeat" playlist now. Amongst these are songs like That's Life, White Room, Bathroom Dance and many others. There is, however, one particular song which I listened to many times (definitely more often than Jimmy Durante's "Smile" listed 9th) which is Gary Glitter's - Rock And Roll Part II.


When thinking about this, I've come across many people asking if Spotify censors some artists or songs. This seems relevant due to Glitter's past.


So... why "Rock And Roll Part II" is not on my "on repeat" playlist?

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