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Is shuffle broken?

Is shuffle broken?

Maybe its just me, but lately shuffle has been horrible on my playlists and daily mixes. Using mainly an android with the latest app.

I'll just tell it to shuffle play a daily mix, and it will pretty much play one artist for however many songs are in the playlist, then move to the next artist.

Right now I have a daily mix that's pretty much southern rock/alt-country and it has 28 artists. I understand it might sometimes play the same artist twice in a row, that's random. But it just played 3 Lucinda Williams songs in a row, followed by 4 Son Volt songs, all from the same albums. It had already played other artists in the same manner. 

I thought the problem was Automix, but turned that off shortly after I found out it existed a few months ago.

I understand that random things can sometimes seem to have a pattern, but it just feels like its being implemented lazily.

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I was trying to un-shuffle my favorite music and it wasn’t showing up. I can’t un-shuffle and can’t even pick the song I want to start with it just only gives me a snippet of the song and I HATE IT. Will they fix the shuffle button

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