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Large playlist is not visible to others. Only I can see my shared playlist. This is a re-occuring problem that been going on for over a year now. Probably longer. I got a playlist with 3700 songs (slowly growing) and it simply dont show to others despite its being shared. Yes, it has worked previously. I re-made the list with the Spotify support a few month back and that solved the issue temporarily and in the process revoked all dates when I added the songs (yes that is another issue). The new "resetted" list was visible with 3700 songs to all my friends. A couple of weeks ago it went invisible again. Just like that. 

No, do not ask me to re-make that list again because I refuse. There is an issue with Spotify and "large" playlists. Solve it and update the client with a working one please. This effects PC, Android, Iphone etc. 

Also, I will not make smaller lists. I like to have all songs in one place. 


Kind regards
A somewhat annoyed premium user. ^^

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Hi there @ConnyLindquist,


Sorry to hear this has happened.


I think that the system detected something unusual about your playlist and made it private automatically, which is why others cannot access it. I recommend check your inbox for any recent emails from Spotify you may have received as there may be something in there which could give a bit more insight on the matter.


The Community is always here if there's something else comes up. Take care.

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I am 100% sure there been 0 e-mails from Spotify explaining anything to me. I check my e-mails regularly and that includes spam posts. In any case, I am not crossing my fingers to have this issue solved seeing how I waited almost 2 years so far. Thanx for your reply though. 

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