Library sync is slow and unreliable


Library sync is slow and unreliable



iPhone 8 Plus, Macbook Pro, Window 10 PC

Operating System

iOS 13.4, Windows 10 1909, macOS 10.15.4


My Question or Issue

Library sync between devices has been slow for quite some time now. For example I just added a bunch of playlists to my library using Spotify on my iPhone. Those playlists slowly start showing up in the macOS and Windows clients. It's been at least 5 minutes now and all the playlists still don't show up in the desktop apps. Same thing happens if I add something to my library on my desktop app - it takes a long time to appear in the iOS app. It took around 10 minutes for all the playlists to sync across the devices.

There's like some sort of queue on the server side to process those requests. The changes aren't pushed to other devices as they're made.


All clients are updated to their latest version. I just recently reinstalled the iOS app and macOS apps. But this has been a problem for months now over the course of multiple app version updates. Roughly I'd say since the library overhaul went live (not 100% sure tho).


Can the right folks look into this?