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Liked Songs Problem

Liked Songs Problem

Sorry if my post has already been discussed and solved. I searched but could not find my problem. As you know when we like a song, it goes to "liked songs playlist." Then, if the song is for example a rock song, I move it to my "rock songs" playlist. My problem starts here. After listening tens of songs, If I come across "exactly" the same song in a playlist and does not recognize it, I like it again and of course it goes to "liked songs" playlist again. As usual, I move the song to my "rock songs" playlist. At that moment, spotify warns me that the song is already in my "rock songs" playlist. So what I want is, if I like a song which is already in one of my playlist, spotify should warn me by a message like "this song is already in your "rock songs" playlist, do you still want to add it to your "liked songs" playlist. Is there any settings to solve this? I hope it is clear. Thank you.


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There is no setting, because Spotify always warns u before adding a song twice.
What I think happened to u:
U added a song that has been uploaded by two sources/labels. For example a song by your favorite artist is added to Spotify by Sony and Universal. Often the songs have combined sources, but sometimes the same Audiofile is uploaded twice.
I have that problem very often with my brand new EDM music. Sometimes there is a song file added even 3 times.

Spotify doesn't know that, do to them it is not the same song. That's why they don't warn u and also why u can add the song to your favorites twice...

Hope I could clear things up, even if I couldn't really bring a solution.
Just be careful adding songs u know...

Best wishes, be save and CALM,

Firstly, thank you for answering. But I don't think that I make mistake because of I don't realize that the sources/labels are different. I would like to prove it to you. For example in below picture you see my "Rock Songs" playlist which I created. You see that the song "Born Ready" from "Zayde Wolf" is included.


Let's say I start to listen "Daily Mix 4" which Spotify created for me. I come across "Born Ready" from "Zayde Wolf." As you will see its exactly the same song in my Rock Songs playlist. But the like button is not green! So I forgot that it's already in my Rock Songs playlist and I like it.


So it's in my Liked Songs playlist now.


I want to add/move it to my Rock Songs playlist. When I do that, below message pops up.


So, what I want is, when I'm in Daily Mix 4 playlist, either like button of the song "Born Ready" should already be green or Spotify should warn me that it's already in my Rock Songs playlist when I like it. Please warn me if I'm wrong in any of above.

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