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Liked Songs not playing in displayed sorted order

Liked Songs not playing in displayed sorted order







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(macOS Catalina)


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Recently I've noticed that when I play songs in my "Liked Songs" sorted in any kind of order, the order I'm being shown isn't the playback order. For example, if I had three songs "Africa, All You Need is Love, Allentown" that would be the displayed sorted order. However, it plays back as "Africa, Allentown, All You Need is Love" ignoring the space between "All" and "You" and creating a different playback order than the one I see. This issue also applies to sorting by artist, "a-ha, Aerosmith, Air Supply" would play back as "Aerosmith, a-ha, Air Supply". I've logged out and re-installed the desktop app several times, nothing seems to help. This only affects my liked songs, playlists seem to be fine.


PS I can't upload a video of my issue because .mp4 is not supported even though .mp4 is supported?

Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 9.39.43 PM.png
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I have the same problem on Premium, Finland, PC, Win10.

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