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Liked songs disappeared in Windows 10 client.

Liked songs disappeared in Windows 10 client.








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Windows 10


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My 547 liked songs suddenly disappeared from PC client and instead I get Your liked songs will appear here message. However, they are present in web player and on my phone. Tried reinstalling, logging off and on, rebooting PC, removing cache, trying MS Store version and nothing helped. Any help?

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Hey @Enrik01, thanks for reaching out to the Community!


Help's arrived.

Thanks for performing all of those troubleshooting steps.


This is an Ongoing Issue that Spotify is investigating, which you can find more information about here. On that page, there will be a status update of the next steps to take and information to provide. Please add your +VOTE, as this will help with the investigation. Additionally, subscribe to the thread by selecting the 3 dots at the top right hand corner.


Hopefully this gets fixed soon! Let me know if you need anything else in the meantime.

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That doesn´t help me. People have been reporting this issue for years now and spotify hasn´t been able to solve this. Seriously thinking about cancelling my premium for this.

I have the exact same issue as you are having right now. I uninstall the app(all related to it) and download it again and it worked! Hope this will help you!!! 

Nope, I tried that among others. Sadly didn´t help at all

I have the same problem. Saved songs work fine on my phone (iPhone 8 running iOS 13.5.1), and songs that I save on my pc, go to my saved songs on my phone. 

I have tried about the same troubleshooting steps as Enrik, but the same message "Your saved songs will go here - Go to browse" still shows up

I have same problem and it is annoying

Seriously. All 1870 something songs disappeared on my latest version of windows 10. I have premium and it works on my android but not on windows 10. I have tried all different ways of trying to get to work such as reinstalling. Please fix.

And I have same problem on my PC. All liked songs are dissapeared. Despite this, all songs are still on my PS4 Spotify app. Reinstalling doesn't help.

Same here, PC client's Liked Song section is empty since friday and the "trouble shooting tips" are a joke. As a premium user, I find this fking unacceptable so you have one month (unfortunately, yesterday was my billing day) to solve this or I'm leaving for Apple Music. Cheers

Same . i have this issue for weeks...

So, today´s update fixed the problem and case is solved, atleast for me.

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