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So I have multiple playlists full of local files which all synced perfectly between my PC and phone, it was all good until Spotify changed it and made is so you had to physically have the files on your phone too. 


What is the best way to get back my access to all my files? Do I have to move each one from my PC to phone and then manually add them all back to each playlist? It seems like a very long process for something that worked before. Any help would be appreciated


My original issue was about local music not showing in the library on my phone, but I fixed that by manually giving the Spotify app permissions to access images and audio files on my device. I guess it was disabled by default

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Hey @lewdream,


Thanks for posting in the Community.


You're right, the feature to listen to Local Files with the Spotify app has undergone a change. This is how it works now - the files must be physically present on the device you want to play them on. Interdevice syncing is not supported anymore.


Here is an FAQ article on the subject.


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